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Design your kitchen

The measurements we need, to give you an accurate price and layout are fairly simple. A few things to keep in mind are:

Using the guide below, give us a simple floor plan of your kitchen.
Measure in inches only.
Do not measure your cabinets, measure your walls as if the room were empty.
Measure any appliances that you are keeping.
Note ceiling height and soffit height (if applicable).

A – Measure the size of the wall.

B – If there are any windows or doors, measure from the left corner to the molding.

C – Measure the windows and doors themselves (include molding in measurements).

D – Measure from the window/door molding to the right corner.

Measurements “B” + “C” + “D” should equal “A”.

As an example, see the diagram to the right.

Follow these steps in sequence around your room until you return to the starting point. Please keep in mind that this is only an ESTIMATE and accurate measurements will be taken by a professional measurer after an order has been placed.

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